Going through your teenage years can be a challenging time in your life, so it’s best not to let the health of your teeth add another spanner in the works. It’s always best to catch dental problems at a young age. That’s why at Earlwood Orthodontics, we believe that providing an affordable specialised teen braces service is essential. We make sure that teenagers can smile with confidence, knowing that the health and state of their teeth are in good hands.

You or your teen may be wondering, “How long do metal braces take to straighten teeth?” Broadly, it can take anywhere from 6-36 months, though most of our patients finish their course of treatment entirely in 18-24 months. Appropriate timing is key to a successful outcome; that’s why it’s important to diagnose orthodontic issues early.

Foster healthy dental habits

Regardless of a need for braces, it is always important to stress the importance of making a habit of taking great care of your teenager’s teeth. We know that simply telling someone to stop drinking carbonated sodas or other flavoured drinks won’t cause them to stop. The occasional drink is acceptable, it is the consistent intake of these acidic drinks that is problematic, the same rule applies to foods with high sugar content— so it’s essential that you encourage teenagers to drink water frequently throughout the day. Water is the best possible drink for kids and adults; as it prevents dehydration and helps every cell in your body to function well. In the mouth, water is capable of buffering acids, it prevents dry mouth, protects against staining, tooth decay and gum disease. Fluoridated water strengthens the enamel structure, protecting against tooth decay. Forming simple habits go a long way in helping future dental treatment and mitigating any hassle that comes along with it. Be patient and remember that habits can’t be formed overnight.

In Addition to a high water intake and limiting acidic and sugary foods,  it is important to have adequate oral hygiene practices. This means we need to brush our teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste with appropriate fluoride content based on age. Flossing can be time consuming but incredibly important to remove food and plaque residues from difficult areas where the toothbrush does not reach. These days, there are many different tools to make flossing easier.

Specialised orthodontic care

There are several things you and your teenager should consider before starting treatment. By booking an appointment with a general dentist, you can make sure that issues such as cavities, gingivitis, or any other oral hygiene problems are assessed and addressed before seeing a specialist orthodontist.

If your teenager has been assessed and a recommendation for braces is given, it means that the dentist has realised that their teeth can benefit greatly from early correction. It’s always better to address dental concerns early. Most orthodontic treatments rely on growth to achieve adequate outcomes, hence it is important to speak to a professional that can help you along the way. If you need advice, contact Earlwood Orthodontics and speak to an expert today — we would be happy to help you in your journey to help your teenager’s dental health.

The average cost for braces for a teenager at Earlwood Orthodontics cannot be accurately calculated without a comprehensive consultation. As we deliver a complete service, there are several factors that need to be considered when factoring in costs:

  • Type of treatment — A comprehensive assessment will be undertaken to determine all aspects of treatment.
  • Complexity of braces — A professional will discuss the different types of braces, explain the difference between aligners, metal, ceramic and lingual braces.
  • Number of follow-up appointments — The duration of treatment will depend on the above factors, so your orthodontist will discuss the intricacies of the treatment and its timeframe in the consultation.

Earlwood Orthodontics — embracing you perfectly

Earlwood Orthodontics believes that offering effective and reliable dental care is an essential service that should be readily available. As such, our registered specialist orthodontist Dr. Jimenez leverages years of research and experience to offer a wide range of orthodontics treatments for teenagers.

If you have any questions regarding our orthodontic services, or you wish to book a consultation, please feel free to contact us online or on 02 8426 9000 — take charge of your teen’s dental health today!