Clear Braces

Clear Braces Confidence comes from within, but the perfect smile certainly helps us feel more self-assured. While traditional braces are effective and well-known, some people are concerned about their appearance while wearing them. This is why we offer the option of clear braces. Our product of choice is Clarity™ ADVANCED by 3M Unitek. Innovative, effective and durable technology is the specialty of 3M Unitek and it’s no wonder that they are recognised and trusted by orthodontists around the world. Clear braces offer a range of benefits for patients and are suited to people of all ages. Why Clear Braces? Our Clarity™ ADVANCED by 3M Unitek is a cost effective alternative to aesthetic orthodontic treatment. These clear braces feature a revolutionary system and are easily applied and removed. In fact, the only thing you need to focus on while wearing them is you! Features and advantages of our clear braces include:
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Small and comfortable brackets, with round corners to reduce irritation and rubbing
  • Translucent material that blends with the colour of your teeth
  • Translucent material which resists stains and discolouration for the duration of your treatment
  • Easy application as well as removal
  • Trusted strength and durability
ADV U Cusp hk T3-0156a Perhaps best of all though, these clear braces provide a virtually undetectable orthodontic treatment that allows you to smile confidently. So no matter your age or profession, our Clarity™ ADVANCED technology will help you feel comfortable about your treatment, not to mention excited by the knowledge that you’re working your way towards that irresistible smile.

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